eReading Rooms for Kids and Teens

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 11:12am

Just for Kids and Just for Teens!

What if you could find downloadable eBooks, eAudios and videos just for you? The Library’s Digital Collection has added two eReading Rooms that only include content with subjects for kids and teens.  

eReading Room for Kids and eReading Room for Teens

Search by subject (fiction, nonfiction, picture books and beginning readers), collections (eBooks, eAudios and videos) or reading or interest levels

What does my Library have to offer?

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 8:16am

It's National Library Week, but do you really know what your local library has to offer?

See video!

Susan Gerhart works in one of the 13 library branches in Calcasieu Parish. 

Serving as a librarian for more than 30 years, KPLC's Erica Bivens explains that Gerhart's first time working in a library was during high school.

"And I shelved books for the Calcasieu Parish public library system at a whole wonderful salary of $0.75 an hour," laughed Gerhart. While salaries have changed, Gerhart's love for libraries has not. A librarian for more than 30 years, Gerhart takes after her mother.

"She just instilled in me a love of libraries, reading, and having these things free so you can enjoy them and expand your knowledge," said Gerhart. And because it's National Library Week, what better time than now to learn what your local library has to offer. That includes computers, internet, audio books, video games, movies and CDs. You can also print.

Plus, Gerhart says, "You can check out laptops and take them home." They even have specialty cake pans for check-out. And while technology has changed over the years, so have libraries, as they've gone from hard cover books to 3D printing, they stay up to date on the changes.

"Libraries will never be a thing of the past. We try to keep up with technology as much as we can," said Christy Duhon, Public Information Officer for Calcasieu Parish Public Libraries.

Different programs are also available."We have programs from pre-k kids up to senior citizens," added Duhon. But you don't even need to visit the library anymore to use its resources.

"We are making it so easy you can go to the library's website to get your library card, to access our databases, to check out electronic books, all of that from home, without ever stepping inside of a library," said Gerhart.

And while libraries are beneficial, Gerhart says her favorite part is working in them. "Every day I am challenged to learn something new, to expand my knowledge, so I can pass it onto somebody else," said Gerhart.

In 10 years, Gerhart says she probably won't be working at a library anymore but definitely plans to continue using its resources.

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Books to Keep Your Eyes On While Big Brother Keeps an Eye On You...

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 12:25pm

Is reading your first choice of activity? Yeah, that’s what I thought. You’re in high school and might associate reading with required text from English class, right? You put off reading homework until the last minute? Check this out! “Every year, puts together an Ultimate Teen Reading List that consists of hundreds of titles! Maybe something will inspire you to take some time to read and keep reading.

For the first list, let’s look at the “Books to Keep Your Eyes On While Big Brother Keeps an Eye On You”…a definitive list of dystopian and sci-fi novels. In addition to recent favorites (The Hunger Games triology, PURE, etc), you'll find some classics as well, including DUNE, FAHRENHEIT, and 1984. Not only do these novels strike terrifying futuristic fantasies in the minds of readers, but offer parallels to our own world with searing critiques.” 

Check the Library's online catalog for copies!

Food for Fines

Wed, 04/09/2014 - 11:50am

It's Food for Fines! April 11-17

Bring in any non-perishable food item and receive a coupon for $5 off any library fine.

Donations will be sent to the Faith and Friends Food Pantry



Some restrictions apply. 

  • Not vaild for copies/prints.
  • Cannot be used for lost items.
  • No cash value--no remaining balance.
  • 1 voucher per account
  • Maximum of 1 voucher will be given regardless of size of donation.
  • Voucher must be stamped by library branch.




He's back! Stone Barrington returns!

Mon, 04/07/2014 - 2:45pm

Unintended Consequences (2013) by Stuart Woods
(A Stone Barrington Novel)

Library Copies

Stone Barrington finds intrigue abroad in the sensational new thriller by the New York Times–bestselling author.

Stone Barrington is no stranger to schemes and deceptions of all stripes—as an attorney for the premier white-shoe law firm Woodman & Weld, he’s seen more than his share. But when he travels to Europe under highly unusual circumstances, Stone finds himself at the center of a mystery that is, even by his standards, most peculiar. Two unexpected invitations may be the first clues in an intricate puzzle Stone must unravel to learn the truth . . . a puzzle that will lead him deep into the rarefied world of European ultrawealth and privilege, where billionaires rub elbows with spooks, insider knowledge is traded at a high premium, and murder is never too high a price to pay for a desired end. It soon becomes clear that beneath the bright lights of Europe lurks a shadowy underworld . . . and its only rule is deadly ambition.  –Amazon

Praise for Stuart Woods

  • “Woods is a perpetual reader-magnet. . . . The pages [fly] by fast and furious.” —Booklist
  • “The Barrington novels continue to impress, with likable characters, fast pacing, and original storylines.” —BookPage

Other Stone Barrington novels by Stuart Woods:

  • Collateral Damage (2012) Available formats: Standard and Large print book and Audio book on CD.
  • Severe Clear (2012) Available formats: Standard and Large print book and Audio book on CD.
  • Unnatural Acts (2012) Available formats: Standard and Large print book and Audio book on CD.

Post written by C. Ford, staff member in the Collection Services Division of the Calcasieu Parish Public Library System.

Is this a second chance?

Mon, 04/07/2014 - 2:40pm

The Chance (2013) by Karen Kingsbury
Library Copies

From Book flap – ”From #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury comes a heartwarming story about childhood friends, broken lives, and a long-ago promise that just might offer the hope of love for today. 


The day before a teenage Ellie moved from Georgia to California, she and her best friend Nolan sat beneath the Spanish moss of an ancient oak tree where they wrote letters to each other and buried them in a rusty old metal box. The plan was to return eleven years later, dig the box up, and read the letters. But now, as that date approaches, much has changed. Ellie has abandoned the faith she grew up with, her days consumed with loving her little girl and trying to make ends meet. Sometimes she watches TV to catch a glimpse of her old friend Nolan, now an NBA star, whose faith is known by the entire nation. But few know that Nolan’s own personal tragedies have fueled both his faith and athletic drive. Despite his success, Nolan is isolated and lonely, plagued by a void in his heart that has remained since that night beneath the old oak tree with Ellie. For both Ellie and Nolan, the coming date is more than just a childhood promise. It’s the chance to make sense of it all—the chance to find out if it’s ever too late to find love again.

Karen Kingsbury weaves a moving tale of heart-wrenching loss, the power of faith, and the wounds that only a forever kind of love can heal. She delves deeply into a theme that resonates within us all: Hope lives for those willing to take a chance.”  -- Amazon

Praise for The Chance and Karen Kingsburg 

  • "Another weeper from Christian-fiction diva Kingsbury, this time featuring a prayerful NBA star and his long-lost first love." (Kirkus Reviews )
  • "In The Chance, Kingsbury (The Bridge, 2012) delivers another excellent novel filled with heart, adventure, and second chances. . . . Kingsbury is one of the most dependable names in inspirational fiction, and The Chance may be her best yet. She infuses such real emotion into her characters, readers will find themselves in tears multiple times throughout the novel. A beautiful balance of human fragility and the power of God’s grace makes this is a must-read." (Booklist )
  • "Kingsbury knows how to get down to business; readers start worrying from the opening sentence about 15-year-old Ellie Tucker and her family: 'Her mom didn't come home for dinner, the third time that week.' . . . The action clips along, and readers root for the main characters. . . . the author pours a fervent message about love and reconciliation into a novel that makes the lesson of hope go down much more easily than it would via sermon." (Publishers Weekly

Other titles by Karen Kingsbury

  • The Bridge (2012) Available format: Standard Print and Large Print books and Audio CD.
  • Coming Home: A Story of Undying Hope (2012) Available format: Standard and Large print books and Audio CD.
  • Loving (2012) Bailey Flanigan Book 4 Available format: Standard print and Large print books, Audio CD, and eAudio.
  • Longing (2011) Bailey Flanigan Book 3 Available format: Standard print and Large print book. Audio CD, and eAudio.  
  • Learning (2011) Bailey Flanigan Book 2 Available format: Standard print and Large print books, Audio CD and eAudio.
  • Leaving (2011) Bailey Flanigan Book 1 Available format: Standard print and Large print books, Audio CD and eAudio.

Post written by C. Ford, staff member in the Collection Services Division of the Calcasieu Parish Public Library System.

Discontinuance of the Overdrive Media Console app (Blackberry)

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 8:01am
Effective April 10, 2014, our digital collection vendor, Overdrive is discontinuing the OverDrive Media Console (OMC) mobile app for BlackBerry. This includes BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10, and Playbook devices.
BlackBerry users with the app installed prior to April 10 will be able to continue downloading eBooks and audiobooks via OMC. However, no further development or testing will be dedicated to it. In the past year, OMC for BlackBerry has experienced a steady decline in downloads.
Only .3% of all visitors to digital library websites come from a BlackBerry device.
After much consideration, OverDrive has decided to remove the app from BlackBerry App World and continue to focus our development efforts on more widely used platforms such as iOS and Android—both of which have more daily downloads than BlackBerry has monthly.

Fans of "Game of Thrones"...this is for you!

Fri, 03/21/2014 - 2:57pm

The Plantagenets by Dan Jones (2013)

“Outstanding . . . A thrilling history of royal intrigues, violent skullduggery and brutal warfare.” —Simon Sebag Montefiore

The first Plantagenet king inherited a blood-soaked kingdom from the Normans and transformed it into an empire stretched at its peak from Scotland to Jerusalem. In this epic history, Dan Jones vividly resurrects this fierce and seductive royal dynasty and its mythic world. We meet the captivating Eleanor of Aquitaine, twice queen and the most famous woman in Christendom; her son, Richard the Lionheart, who fought Saladin in the Third Crusade; and King John, a tyrant who was forced to sign Magna Carta, which formed the basis of our own Bill of Rights. This is the era of chivalry, of Robin Hood and the Knights Templar, the Black Death, the founding of Parliament, the Black Prince, and the Hundred Year’s War. It will appeal as much to readers of Tudor history as to fans of Game of Thrones.  -- Amazon

Praise for The Plantagenets

  • “Brilliant and entertaining . . . a set of fine vignettes relating dynastic life, death, war, peace, governance, and palace intrigues. The result is a history book that frequently reads like a novel and can be opened to any chapter.” —Tampa Bay Times
  • “They may lack the glamour of the Tudors or the majesty of the Victorians, but the Plantagenets are just as essential to the foundation of modern Britain. . . . The great battles against the Scots and French and the subjugation of the Welsh make for thrilling reading but so do the equally enthralling struggles over succession, the Magna Carta, and the Provisions of Oxford. . . . Written with prose that keeps the reader captivated throughout accounts of the span of centuries and the not-always-glorious trials of kingship, this book is at all times approachable, academic, and entertaining.” —Booklist

Prasie for Dan Jones:

  • “Jones has written a magnificently rich and glittering medieval pageant, guiding us into the distant world of the Plantagenets with confidence. This riveting history of an all-too-human ruling House amply confirms the arrival of a formidably gifted historian.” —Sunday Telegraph
  • “The Plantagenets played a defining part in shaping the nation of England, and Dan Jones tells their fascinating story with wit, verve, and vivid insight. This is exhilarating history—a fresh and gloriously compelling portrait of a brilliant, brutal, and bloody-minded dynasty.” —Helen Castor, author of She-Wolves: The Women Who Ruled England before Elizabeth

Other books on English history available for checkout:

Post written by C. Ford, staff member in the Collection Services Division of the Calcasieu Parish Public Library System.


10 Book Series to Read Aloud with Your Kids

Thu, 03/13/2014 - 8:17am

"I fail at a lot of things as a parent, but one thing I think Mark and I have done well is teach our kids to be voracious readers. (Here’s an earlier post about raising kids who love to read). Our kids’ beds are regularly hidden under piles of books. And while all four of our kids have regular early bedtimes, we let them stay up as late as they want—as long as they are reading. Mark and I also try to model this behavior for our kids, and make a point to be reading in front of them often.

One thing we are trying to do more of is read together, aloud, as a family. There’s something about all of us sitting around the table or on the couch together getting immersed in a story for the first time. Of course, it can be a challenge to find a book that appeals to our spread of ages and—this is important—a book that also captures our attention as parents. Our kids are ages 4 through 9 – so we’ve got a challenge in coming up with books everyone will appreciate. We’ve found, however, that there are plenty of old and new book series for kids that have appeal for all of us. With Christmas break coming up and lots of potential family time in store, I thought I’d share some of those series with you. Maybe carving out 15-20 minutes a day to read aloud to your kids would be a fantastic New Year’s resolution for 2014."
~written by Kristen Howerton of (

Here's the entire article. Keep reading the the list and links to the titles in your library's online catalog.

Here's the list! 


Streamlining Ahead! (Digital Collection from Overdrive)

Wed, 03/12/2014 - 10:34am

Extra features that are sure to please! Have you seen the newest features when browsing titles in the Library digital collection from Overdrive? Check them out!

  • On Search Results page, Sort, Filter, and Search options are repositioned for more streamlined navigation.
    • The Show Me display options for All Titles, Available Now, and Additional Titles to Recommend are now in the filter menu.
    • The Sort By option menu appears above the first cover image.
    • The Search within results feature appears beneath the filter menu. 

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