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Search for yourself, friends, parents, old high school sweethearts, etc. Yes, you really did wear that outfit, your friends actually wore those hairstyles, and your parents were once that young. 

      • Yearbooks are accessible through the Louisiana Digital Library. 
      • Yearbooks were (are) loaned to the library for a period of 6-8 weeks, during which time we shipped them to our digitization vendor. They were (are) scanned, and returned to the Library.
      • The library has digitized high school yearbooks only. (9-12 or K-12 schools).
      • Middle/junior high or elementary school yearbooks are not being accepted at this time.
      • This is an ongoing project and from time to time a patron may come in asking about the project or wanting to donate a yearbook for digitization.
      • Here's a list of the yearbooks that are included in the collection. (update: August 2018)
      • The Genealogy Library is accepting high school yearbooks (NO COLLEGE OR ELEMENTARY/MIDDLE) on loan for digitization.
      • Patrons may either contact the Genealogy library at 337-721-7110, email <a href=""></a></p> ,or bring any yearbooks to a branch and fill out a yearbook loan form
      • Our staff will check the current list of yearbooks that have been digitized to see if we need the yearbook.
      • If we do not have the yearbook, you'll need to complete a loan form.
      • You will receive a receipt, the branch staff will route the yearbook and form to the Genealogy library.
      • Access this site: Louisiana Digital Library's Yearbook collection.
      • Options:
        • Search this collection, use the Advanced Search option to search the yearbook collection and other digital images within this resource, or choose a specific yearbook to begin browsing.
      • Hover over the thumbnail image in the center of the screen.
      • Click on Open Image Viewer.
      • Use the toolbar above the image to search within the yearbook, move between pages, zoom in, print, download, etc.
      • Use this handout of step-by-step instructions and screenshots.
      • This website memorializes the accomplishments of our schools, emboldened by fierce competition to survive and prosper, coupled with the realization that we cannot save one of them without saving all of them.
        • "Our heritage is a tribute to our schools and their students, the founders, our principals, teachers, parents, boosters, and communities."